What do we do?

I am here to help guide people on their healing journey. It's my belief, that a lot of challenging symptoms we experience are the result of deeper issues, emotional wounds, condioning and coping mechanisms. I've tried numerous individual approaches in the past myself, but found combining working on a variety of different aspects of our life together so be important in resolving the issues we experience.  We start with a consultation and find out the issues you are having. I then draw on a variety of different approaches and  look at imlement changes over a period of time. We will have weekly sessions to check in, where we will do some 1-1 work and where I can answer any questions. The work can involve:


  • Diet changes

  • Inner child work

  • Morning and evening routines

  • Detox pathway protocols

  • Sleep hygiene

  • Nervous system exercises

  • Movement programming

  • Journaling

  • Energy work

Who do I work with?

Anyone willing to look deeper and go on the healing journey for themselves. In short, I work with anyone that wants to lead a healthier lifestyle. I do though have a special interest in: Chronic pain and muscular tension, anxiety issues, fatigue, as well as men’s health. I work with a small numbers of people every 3 months to make sure I have adequate time to guide you on your journey.