Sports Therapy

Sports Injury Therapy is an effective way to treat both acute and long-term injuries as well as a whole variety of soft tissue problems. A Sports Therapist will employ a combination of different techniques in order to enable you to return to your chosen sport or to restore optimal daily movement function. 

Who can benefit from Sports Therapy?

We see individuals who have a recent or long-term sports injury that may be affecting their performance levels or their ability to participate in sport. 

Anyone can benefit from sports therapy, not just sporting individuals. The treatment can be used to help common muscular skeletal complaints such as

  • back pain 

  • mobility problems 

  • postural problems

  • muscular tension.

What to expect during the Sports Therapy Session?

Our Sports Therapy sessions begin with a consultation, examination and assessment of your injury or pain and dysfunction. This allows us to tailor the rest of the session and future sessions accordingly. We may carry out soft tissue work including soft tissue release and joint mobilisations. 

We will then devise movement programmes designed to return you to full fitness in your chosen sport or return to normal function within your day-to-day tasks. The programme will be based on successful rehabilitation techniques, commonly used throughout the world of professional sport. 

Your plan will be discussed and agreed with you before the treatment begins.