My Story

My journey to look for health solutions started with lots of extreme anxiety, fatigue, constant sinus, and gut issues as well as physical tension and Pain. After spending time searching for the ‘cure’ to all these issues, I began to learn how interlinked a lot of symptoms are. Symptoms are just alerting us to disharmony somewhere within the mind body and spirit.



In my working career I started out doing a BSc in Sports Therapy and began treating musculo-skeletal issues. I quickly became interested in what contributed to pain, and this led me onto a whole range of other areas of study: Energy medicine, movement neurology, lymphatics, nutrition and most recently somatics and the nervous system.


When looking at a symptom like pain, we can’t always isolate it and expect some soft tissue work and movement will just resolve it all. A lot of the time, there are emotional wounds and deeper issues contributing towards the sensations we feel. The same could be said for feelings like anxiety and fatigue. Considerations like poor diet, lack of sleep, the holding in of emotion, lack of quality movement and lack of connection. All these issues can create dysregulation of the nervous system. A lot of symptoms we then experience are a by-product of this.


 What I began to realise is there is no need to try and isolate these issues, but instead look to an approach to get us back to optimal health. This involves looking at how all the major systems of the body are working together The nervous system, the lymphatic system, the muscular system, Digestive system etc.


My change in approach of working with people over a period of time and introducing a wide range of programming and habit changes comes from the belief that alot of the time, it is the relavant health changes and habits that we need to change long term in order to heal effectively and the idea of getting back to optimal health rather than chasing symptoms. This may involve looking at our diet, movement, how we process emotions, sleep hygiene, how we balance our energy and how effectively our detox pathways are functioning etc



What I Offer

Online Coaching - 3 Months

I work with people on a 3 month basis to get to the root of the physical pain/tension they are expereincing and provide a series of one to one sessions as well as guiding and implementing changes. It can include: Gut health protocols, diet changes and supplementation, Inner child work, morning and evening routines, movement programming, nervous system protocols

Bodywork appointments

I provide a range of different bodywork services focusing on Pain and Injury, as well as stress and anxiety and health related issues. I offer:

  • Lymphatic Drainage massage (General health, Post surgery, Lymphedema)​

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Reiki

  • Sports Therapy

  • Holistic Pain and Injury Treatment